1. E.C. Piedra
  2. Birth of the Centaur

Birth of the Centaur


Detail of the Golden Record

The descriptions that follow within these pages may at times come across as the fanciful story telling of a young boy from Iowa. However, what has happened in my lifetime, the things that I have been fortunate witness to, and at times humble participant of, are nothing less than astonishing. Events have unfolded in the past half decade of human existence that have pushed mankind to a new phase in our history. Our planet has decreased in size while the universe outside has expanded further than previously thought possible. The concept of what it means to be human has been completely rewritten.

The stories to come, if I did not know any better, could be described as dreams or delusions, miracles or nightmares. However, having been circumstant to their happening, I am unable to characterize them as anything other than the physical manifestation of all of these other psychological inventions. So while at times the narrative hence forth may appear irrationally convoluted or absurd, it is only because it parallels the natural thought process of a human being. I ensure you that what follows is complete logical truth.